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the psychedelic manifesto create inteligent post dubstep/trip-pop/ambient electronica, a sonic collage of beautiful songs vocals and frequencies
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21st Century Audio Architecture

The Psychedelic Manifesto started as a London based Ambient Dub/Ambient Dubstep/Trip-Pop Electronica trio which emerged originally in Germany as part of the post 90s German electronica scene and later relocated to London. TPM have evolved continually from their original trance dub format. And on their new 2015 album ‘Songs For Rainy English Autumn Afternoons’ the music is a beautiful minimal poetic song based alchemy of voices piano and strings.

TPM are:

Chris Garland: singer, songwriter, composer, artist, producer: writer from an art, music, design background, a committed Buddhist (of the Zen-school). Chris was born in the UK spent much of his life living abroad and now resides in London.

Hong Guo: artist, designer film maker animator, science graduate, classical pianist and choral singer, born in the Peoples Republic of China (Beijing), now based in London.

Matthew Leigh Embleton: composer, producer, musician, 'sonic architect', who contribute musically to each album and is responsible for all the magical ambient/ambient-dub remix albums, including the new 2015 ‘Ambient Music For Rainy English Autumn Afternoons’.

the psychedelic manifesto band, chris garland, hong guo, Matthew Leigh Embleton

NAME: The Psychedelic Manifesto is a reference to British writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley who's book The Doors Of Perception, was Huxley's Psychedelic Manifesto.

‘EMOTIONAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS’: Chris Garland is the songwriter, singer, co-composer/co-producer, along with sonic alchemist Matthew Leigh Embleton and vocalist Hong Guo. René Steuns also appears on the first two TPM albums.

The list of Garland’s former musical output is considerable but he allows creating the legendary and hugely influential STARSHIP AFRICA album together with his then partner producer Adrian Sherwood back in the early 80’s as a significant moment, and being the guiding architect of (now) cult punk funk 80’s band Medium Medium (of hungry so angry fame); working with Jamaican legend Prince Far I and many other legendary Jamaican ’Roots’ artists; fronting (with partner Ilona) and creating the notorious 80’s ’Electro Pop / 'Anglo German Sex Beat'’ band UBahnX for EMI UK; creating the equally notorious German ‘Cyber Punk’ legends The Trash Groove Girls with the conspiratorial assistance of Marc Chung of Einsturzende Neubauten. Producing M.E.L.T’s inspired ‘Electro-Trance/Rock’ cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘Radioactivity in the late 80's now considered one of the great cult classic trance tracks and Indeed by many as possibly the first 'trance anthem' a favourite of legendary DJ Dag it was the #1 floor filler at the Dorian Grey In Frankfurt! Creating/producing Germany’s cult electro goth ultra stylists Diskowalküren who’s stunning anthem ‘Walküren’ is still one of the #1 tracks on all Electro/Goth/EBM play lists more than 12 years after its release and working with Americas #1 lunatic outlaw industrial metalists/mentalists Ministry. A truly monster cover of JJCales Cocaine for Munich industrial metalists W.A.S.C.H in the late 80's and some wonderful stuff for The Cologne based Duft ( better known as Berlin based designer/artist Brit Leissler) There have been many many more and Garland considers himself to have been blessed by good fortune to have been together with his ex German partner Ilona (front frau of UBahnX & Diskowalküren whose stunning vocal sample can be heard on LYSERGIC SUSHI’s beautiful ‘Forever’) in Düsseldorf during the 80’s when it was the centre of the musical universe as far as electronic music was concerned, with Kraftwerk, DAF Neu, La Düsseldorf, Rhiengold, Tommy Stumph, Der Plan, Propaganda, Die Krupps, M.E.L.T and The Trash Groove Girls all living in the same city! Garland also worked for a long time in New York even working with such luminaries as ‘The Sugar Hill Gangs Duke Bootee’ (Edd Fletcher) who wrote ‘The Message’ for Grandmaster Flash in the legendary Unique Studios in Manhattan at the height of New York’s Underground black-hispanic radio heyday, when mixer/producers like Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries and Arthur Baker were reinventing what dance music was about.

Garland considers Matthew Leigh Embleton to be one of the most gifted and inspired producers, engineers and musicians he has worked with. An inspired master of sonic frequencies and arrangements Leigh Embleton brings an enormous amount of production and musical experience to the TPM audio alchemy.

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