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the psychedelic manifesto create inteligent post dubstep/trip-pop/ambient electronica, a sonic collage of beautiful songs vocals and frequencies

All lyrics are written by Chris Garland.




she wakes from a dream
cries for a while
crosses the room
a trace of a smile
window is open
stares at the view
remembers the love
lost and once new

how many times can we pass through the door
of the things remembered
the things before

time that is past
memory fades
shadows of dreams
pass through the day
remember a time
remember a love
lost and once found
lost and once found

Believe In Love

have you ever looked
inside your mind
what do you see
anger, envy, resentment
and jealousy
but there’s another way
to set yourself free
but there’s another way
to set yourself free

yes i believe in love
i believe in love

no need for fighting
no need for war
no need for hatred
what's it all for?

Life In A Day

morning comes
she jumps out of bed
turns around
shakes her head
looks at me
starts to smile
then she's gone
for a while

life in a day
childhood's highway
infinite magic
takes you away

all you feel
all you dream
nothing real
just a dream
don't be afraid
learn to let go
so much to learn
nothing to know


i dream of marrakech
still there with you
i watch the shadows
the timeless view
time's an illusion
all things must pass
there is no future
there is no past

traveling in mountains
swimming in dreams
my senses are reeling
what life really means
i touch the time
that always will be

Post-modern Buddha

increasingly i'm drawn
to the daily telegraph
i've tried the daily mail
but only for a laugh
i find myself at lord's
leather on willow
cucumber sandwiches
and cups of tea
and panama hats
panama hats
panama hats
panama hats

i think i'm going through
a kind of betjeman phase
a post-modern buddha
in a psychedelic haze
somebody told me
don't know if it's true
eeyore's in love
with winnie the pooh
and noddy and big ears
came out today
they just had to wait
till the gollies went away

i work in the city
and snort my cocaine
make another million
snort some more again
got a flat in docklands
and a girlfriend called vanessa
we hang out in shoreditch
with her mate who's a contessa


what you feel
when we love
when we kiss
what you feel
when it carries us away

another place
inside my head
the world is turning
sacred visions
light my fire

Music Is Love

if music is love
what do you feel
when you steal a heart away
and break it in two
no thought for the other
only for yourself
your self
your self
your self
only for yourself

music is love

two hearts beat together
a moment in time
a love that dares not speak its name
so naked in your purple prose
i see the magic of your gifts
enslaving me


she's got china eyes
china eyes
china eyes
that hypnotize
the way she walks
the way she talks
the way she smiles
the way she feels


china girl, china tea
china girl, makes love to me
china girl, sets me free


watching the wind
counting the clouds
sitting and dreaming
laughing out loud

inside of me

there’s no tomorrow
there’s no today
nothing to think
nothing to say
no pain no sorrow
it's only a dream