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the psychedelic manifesto create inteligent post dubstep/trip-pop/ambient electronica, a sonic collage of beautiful songs vocals and frequencies

All lyrics are written by Chris Garland.


Anna May Wong

this is a song for anna may wong
gone so long but always there
her life was a dream
joy and pain
she paid the price
the price of fame
and the tears were all in private
yes the tears were all in private

anna may wong
anna may wong
gone so long
gone so long


i improvise my passage
through the pathway of my dreams
i see where it is going
i don’t know where it’s been

behind the door a dragon
is waiting patiently
i know that he is waiting
waiting just for me

we will fly together
to the stars and to the moon
the princess and the rabbit
know we're coming soon

dragon is my ancestor
he knows me very well
he followed and protected me
through heaven and through hell

now on sacred mountains
waiting patiently
waiting always waiting
waiting just for me

Kensington Gardens

drifting along
sunny english day
floating through time
kensington gardens

away with the fairies
in kensington gardens
no way back
from where i’ve been

la la la la la la…

timeless day
watch the children play
serpentine passes
time away

statue of pan
reminds us of our dreams
how to touch the magic
and know what it means



looking at the moon
feeling kind of sad
in a nice way
thinking about tomorrow

it’s coming soon
think i’m gonna go there

anyway anyway
anyway anyway
time is always passing
better when we're laughing
or even crying
tears of joy


Tears of Joy

i don’t know where i’m going
but i know where i’ve been
i don’t know what i’m seeing
but i know what i’ve seen

life can be so happy
life can be so sad
life can be so good
and life can be so bad

tears of joy
tears of pain
feel it all
live again

everything is beautiful
even when you’re sad
you find out the hard way
life is not so bad

so open up your heart
open up of your mind
you never know
you never know just what you will find



listening to the sound of the water
running through my hands
as i wash it away
feeling everything i feel

raining down on me
washing me away

the river flows forever
on and on and on
carries me away
carries me away


everything’s alright
everything’s alright

alright alright
everything’s alright

invisible nobody can see
who you really are
or who you want to be
invisible nothing is real
nothing really matters
only what you feel

everything’s alright
everything’s alright



looking at you
looking at me
clock is ticking
time for tea

in my life
only you
nothing else
to spoil the view

so alone
alone with you
nothing better
i’d rather do

watch the grass grow
hold back the tide
feel your love
deep inside

nothing waiting
nothing to do
only feel
my love for you