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the psychedelic manifesto create inteligent post dubstep/trip-pop/ambient electronica, a sonic collage of beautiful songs vocals and frequencies

All lyrics are written by Chris Garland.




Sometimes You Can Hear The Angels Cry

floating on a sea of light
aching to be satisfied
feel my body melt away
imagine how i feel inside, inside

sometimes you can hear the angels cry

sometimes we suffer
suffer for our dreams
and all the time life flows away


where is the poetry
where is the grace
the hypnotising beauty
i see in your face


England’s Dreaming

parked cars tree lined streets
people drifting drifting by
small houses wait behind net curtains
and watch the world go by
england’s dreaming england’s dreaming
this is where it goes to die

england’s dreaming england’s dreaming
nurtured dreams and fantasies

all these things are illusions
visions of what used to be
destroyed the hopes that fuelled our dreams
with a marketing strategy
destroyed the hopes that fuelled our dreams
with another cheap celebrity


Standing On The Corner

i was standing on the corner
watching life go passing by
and all the things i’d seen
and how time seems to fly
i can still remember how it felt to be a child
living for the moment
imagination running wild

when you’re standing on the corner
watching time pass by
remember all your dreams and cry

when you’re living in the present
you’re still living in the past
our dreams must fade away
because all things must pass
don’t get swept away
by the canyons in your mind
there’s nothing to hold on to
just leave it all behind


Everything I Ever Dreamed

when i met you everything i ever dreamed
everything i ever wanted came true


i look into your eyes and see
visions of eternity
my heart is open open wide
touched by something deep inside
all my feelings are on fire
burning up with sweet desire
another job another town
always spinning round and round


laughing crying living dying
another dream another day
another chance to drift away


It’s Not So Easy To Be Free

the love i had the love i lost
the dreams i dream i count the cost
what holds us together tears us apart
beginning the end of a broken heart

it’s not so easy to be free

do you wait for the time to say what you mean
do you hide it away too scared to dream
it casts a spell entangles me
it’s not so easy to be free


Sunday Afternoon

sunday afternoon i can see the rain
as i watch it fall on my window
feel so cold inside
it’s so dark in here
in my private place by my window

sunday afternoon
how i need your love
in my private place by my window

how i need your love
how i need your touch
your breath upon my skin
the magic of your kiss
but i know you’ve gone
to another place
in another space
by my window


The End Of The Day

the going down of the sun the end of the day
shadows grow long life fades to grey
so much illusion all things must pass
nothing to hold on to not built to last

the shadows grow long the end of the day
cherry blossom falls beauty fades

the beauty of sadness love fades away
the moment is short the end of the day
poetry of joy passes by
each moment you live in the blink of an eye


Delia Derbyshire

delia derbyshire stole my heart
and took me to another place
but sometimes i still hear her voice
and sometimes i still see her face

delia’s dream stole my heart
and took me far away
delia dream delia dream
oh so far away

she had vision
she had beauty
a beautiful eccentricity
in my heart she’s still living
and that’s where she will always be


Radio Healing

hear the radio play
songs from yesterday
gets inside my mind
takes me back in time

heal me
feel me


play it one more time
feeling oh so fine
feel so wild and free
play it once again
feel it healing me


The Surfer’s Song

divinity speaks to me
connected to the undivided self
feel the oneness consciousness unfolds
sparkle and flow like early morning snow
forever flowing from the roof of the world
feel the glow of magic all around

feel the sound the surfer’s song
always moving on and on

the beauty in the oneness of our love
speaks to me in tongues divine
no words to paint the visions that i see
or the feelings that i feel


Above The Clouds

let yourself go

up above the clouds so high
floating in the universe
everything is all around
i wonder what my life is worth
feelings take me
make me shake me
everything inside of me
looking at the universe
i melt into eternity

free yourself
let yourself go

of conflict and confusion
let yourself go
it’s all an illusion


my body’s shaking
my mind is waking
the world is aching to be free
i feel the fire
free from desire
burning inside of me
i feel connected
never rejected
something so deep
inside of me

feel like a beam of light
something so warm and bright
so full of energy
something inside of me

those men in suits and ties
who weave seductive lies
don’t mean a thing to me
their world is sinking fast
their living in the past
so fly away with me